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Bad Bear Roofing has been Tyler’s go-to roofing contractor for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for high-quality workmanship and a customer-first approach to doing business.

We have experience with a variety of roofing materials, including traditional asphalt shingles, tile, and metal roofs. Whatever material you choose, you can expect our team to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

If you need a new roof installed on your home, Bad Bear Roofing can help. Contact us today to speak with a representative and to get a free estimate for a new roof.

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Why Choose Bad Bear Roofing?

We Put Our Clients First

We run our business the old-fashioned way and focus on taking care of all of our customers. We believe in building relationships with our clients and ensuring that they’re entirely satisfied with the work we do for them.

We’re Experienced Roofers

Our roofing company has been helping East Texans for almost two decades. We’re not a fly-by-night roofer, and you can always expect us to provide quality roofing services and a professional team to do it.

We Do the Job Right

As professionals, we pride ourselves on doing even the smallest jobs right. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. When you hire Bad Bear Roofing for your new roof, you can expect an expertly installed, beautiful new roof.

We Replace Your Roof Quickly

Our support staff ensure that your roof repairs or replacement are scheduled quickly. Once our team arrives, we’re able to complete most repairs in a single work day. Our team will ensure that your area is cleaned before they leave.

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Signs You Need A New Roof

A roof replacement is a large investment, and almost every client who’s considering roof replacement will wonder if they really need a new roof. Here’s how you can tell:

Your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan

Typical residential roofs have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. After that time, you can expect to need a new roof installed on your home. Contact Bad Bear Roofing today to get a free estimate on a new roof.

You notice leaks & damage

One of the most reliable signs that you need a new roof is if you’re missing shingles or the roof structure has sustained damage. Likewise, if your roof has a tendency to leak when it rains, you may need to replace it.

You’re selling your home

Depending on the age of your roof, if you’re selling your home it may be a good idea to replace it. A new roof improves the value of your home and entices potential buyers. This will help ensure your home doesn’t languish on the market.

Your home uses too much energy

Roofing materials keep getting better and better. One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to replace your roof with more modern, effective roofing materials. These materials will lower your energy bills and insulate your home better.

The Bad Bear Roofing Process

  • Call Us Today

    Call 903-363-4140 today to speak with a representative and learn how Bad Bear Roofing can help you.

  • Schedule A Free Estimate

    Before any repairs or new installations, we’ll provide you with a thorough, accurate quote. To get yours, schedule with us today.

  • Installation Day

    We’ll schedule a good time for your new roof installation. For most installations our team can complete the work in a day.

  • Enjoy Your New Roof

    After we’ve finished with your roof replacement, you can expect a durable, beautiful roof that lasts for up to 25 years.